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The Tick Let’s say you went and saw Suicide Squad and weren’t as happy as you thought you’d be (hey, I liked it for what they got right, even if the bad guys looked like burnt marshmallows). I’ve got a few things for you to check out on Amazon Prime (and if you’re not already using that service, what the heck are you waiting for?)

The Tick – This series wouldn’t have worked without Patrick Warburton. It’s like he was MADE to play The Tick. That’s so rarely the case when casting a comic character. Sure the show isn’t the same as the graphic novel, but what is?

American Ultra – If you’re like me, you might have skipped this one even though you love Jesse Eisenberg because Kristen Stewart is in it. Surprise. They BOTH do a great job. Fun flick. Like Bourne Identity meets Superbad.

Kabeneri of the Iron Fortress – My buddy Darryl recommended this to me and he usually knows his stuff. This is by the people who did Attack on Titan. If you’re still unsure which anime is worth your time, this one counts.

Pokemon Origins – I’m not one for Pokemon cartoons, but this one’s a bit more edgy, a bit more for an older viewer. Did you play a little Pokemon Go recently? This might improve the experience.

Mr Robot – Am I the only guy who missed this the first time around? It’s pretty decent stuff. Paranoia, hacking, and a bleak now/future worth thinking about. Plus it’s a whole season, so you can sink yourself into it a bit.

What did I miss? What else are you watching? Share with me!