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Chris Brogan Welcome to NerdFront! This site is dedicated to posts about video games, science fiction, superheroes and comic books, movies about all that, and a lot more stuff in the nerd culture. (Don’t argue about geek vs nerd or I’ll break out my ultimate definition of both.)

I’m Chris Brogan, an author and speaker and business advisor, and long time nerd. I’ll talk about business as it applies to nerd stuff and vice versa because I find it all quite interesting.

I don’t go to every comic store I see and I don’t play every video game that ever came out. I pretty much DO see every superhero movie and have opinions on all of them. I don’t watch the superhero TV shows as much (I don’t have regular TV), but I like a few of them. I’m not an ubernerd but I definitely consider myself a part of that culture.

I think anyone who wears a Captain America Winter Soldier shield shirt non-ironically counts as a nerd, don’t you? I have a Master Chief vs Locke boxing style shirt. I get compliments for my simple Gears of War logo shirt. I own eight different pairs of Batman underwear. I think that counts.


You should know that any link on this site might be (hopefully is) an affiliate link. That means that I recommend this product or service and if you buy it, I make a dollar or two. I’ll never sell you out for the money. There’s not enough money for that. (Well, if someone gives me ten million bucks, I’ll tell you first and then sell out.) If you want to sign up to do affiliate stuff yourself, I recommend Share-A-Sale. They’re really good people.

If ever I’m sent something to review or I’m in any way super biased about something, I’ll tell you. You can decide whether it wrecks my opinion on things. I’ve had years of experience so I’m not all that easily lulled by a free candy bar or anything, but you never know. So I’ll let you be the judge.

Nerdy Stuff

I’ve been nerdy since the start. Loved comic books since as early as I can remember. Mixed in with Casper and Archie and Richie Rich, I started getting some Batman, some Justice League, and eventually even some Marvel.

In absolutely no particular order, here’s some of what I’m into:

  • Batman
  • Rick and Morty (Tiny Rick!)
  • Destiny (I’m “mrnothinglost” on XBox1)
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Runaways
  • Firefly
  • The Matrix (only the first one)
  • Highlander
  • Star Trek (even the new stuff)
  • Star Wars (Imperial Guard)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (I’m the DM more than a player, but Ranger/Thief if playing)
  • Team Iron Man (I know Cap’s right, but I’m a joiner.)
  • CW’s The Flash (Grant is awesome, but I’ll give the other guy in the movie a chance.)
  • And way too much more, I’m sure.

The Rise of the Nerds

There are lots of “closet” nerds out there. My buddy Luigi works for a huge enterprise technology company and we partied up in Destiny the other day, and I realized that everyone there besides me worked for a major company. (I work with them, but not for them.) My other friend John has been into comics as long as I have but doesn’t talk about it ever with other people (except me and probably a few others).

I decided to launch this as a fun project for myself, and hopefully you. If you enjoy it, drop me a line: chris @ chrisbrogan . com , or you know, comment. Point out neato things. Whatever you prefer. 🙂


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