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Batman DC Rebirth According to DC Comics, their project “Rebirth” shipped 12 million issues over the summer ( source). Apparently the number of single issues with sales of over 100,000 units for this event beat out everything DC did for all of 2015 combined. That’s a huge win.

So, why?

Story and Relationships Rule

From several sources, I gleaned that DC is back in the game because they fixed two major flaws that were introduced with their last clean-up effort, The New 52. They put back a lot of the core history that less-than-up-to-the-minute comic fans new and expected to be there, and they re-established relationships between characters that we expected to see as well.

In a way, it’s the adage “everything old is new again,” and it points to the fact that we as comic readers want nostalgia. We want to remember what we loved about the good old days much more than we want some kind of modernization that wipes out the best parts.

My Own Take on Rebirth

Though I haven’t purchased all the issues from every single storyline, I have to say that I’ve found a lot more of interest in titles I know I would NEVER have picked up in the past. I’m not at all a Superman fan. Not in the least. But the storytelling and relationships have been fascinating. I loved the Batgirl of Burnside stuff that came right before Rebirth and I was worried they’d muck her up. Nope. Still good. And even though I feel like no one can do any wrong with my Batman titles, I’m excited to see what they’ve done there, too.

Notes for Businesses

If ever you’re lucky enough to have nostalgia on your side, be very careful with it. In pursuit of modernizing, you run the risk of losing your core. I love stories like this one about DC hitting big with Rebirth because it suggests that we humans love “more of what we’ve come to love” more than we crave “what’s new?” material. There’s something reassuring in that, I have to offer.

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