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I’m looking forward to the September 2016 release of Destiny’s “Rise of Iron” expansion. It’s said to be the last significant expansion before Destiny 2 is released some time in 2017 (though there is a lot of talk about what words like “significant” means and when exactly Destiny 2 will drop).

I’ve had a really strange (but good) relationship with the video game Destiny. I was a huge Halo/Halo 2/ Halo ODST guy back in the day, and then I didn’t have a console in the house for a bunch of years (I call these my “productive years,” where I wrote books and stuff). I got an Xbox1 because my daughter wanted to play some Assassin’s Creed and so when we picked it up, I got Destiny.

From Excited to Bored

I played the heck out of vanilla Destiny, then House of Wolves, and then the Dark Below. They were all exciting, and I played a lot of the story, but found myself more interested in the PVP aspects (when you fight other people instead of the software).

The Taken King came out and changed the game for the better, and it was fun for quite a while. I enjoyed the experience of leveling up my character, trying out the raid (and doing poorly at it), and some of the new weapons that came along.

I fell into the same malaise that a lot of Destiny players felt, as if the game only existed to grind away and do “chores.” After a fashion, I was bored senseless.

I left Destiny for a bit, went to Rainbow Six Siege (great game!), and even dabbled with The Division (for about the same three weeks that most people seem to give it).

And Back to Excited!

The last few months, for whatever reason, it got exciting again. I think the game designers did a lot with their “Live team” group to make more fun events, to spruce up some old Year 1 weapons and armor coming back around, and a few other little details that made it seem more fun again.

Overall, people seem excited about the potential of this new Rise of Iron expansion, where Destiny will be adding new ways to play, bringing back a few old exotic weapon favorites, and giving us a new raid, new social area, new PvP game type, and more.

Here’s a somewhat random clip of gameplay I’ve captured recently. There’s no specific theme or deep meaning. It’s just me enjoying playing against other players in the game. If nothing else, if you’ve fled Destiny over the last little while, maybe it’ll encourage you to slip it back into the console for a bit.