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Warner Brothers has released a trailer for John Wick 2, the much anticipated sequel to the surprise (and somewhat secret) hit, John Wick. It’s like an action movie had sex with a video game shooter and got a coloring from the team behind Fight Club. Keanu Reeves is his ever-simplified self and it works marvelously well a second time around in all regards.

What makes it interesting is that the straightforward storytelling of a revenge tale gets a few good twists. The tried and true gun action film gets a lot of revising. These are the techniques you’ll see in lots of other movies that follow. And a lot like Keanu’s other movie of fame, The Matrix, this movie “steals” from some great and much more obscure sources and turns up the sauce on them. It’s going to be a must-watch film if it’s anything like the first. And the fact that it’s a sequel won’t matter one bit to the target audience.

Maybe before the second one arrives, you can reacquaint yourself with the original!