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Back in the way old days, there were either/or scenarios. You were either a DC or a Marvel fan. You were either Metallica or Led Zeppelin. You were either Star Wars or Star TREK. I was a Star Trek fan. I loved Star Wars, but I wanted to live Star Trek.

Near the end of this post, there’s an awesome video you should watch.

A Star Trek Fan

I appreciated the ideals that Roddenberry built into the story lines. I also loved the irony of people seeking out new life forms seemingly only so Kirk could punch or hump them. Instead of laughing at the slight disconnect between the lofty science mission goals and Kirk’s humanity, it told my younger self that humans just weren’t perfect and that it’s better that way.

When Star Trek: The Next Generation came around, I loved the stories. I wasn’t exactly a Picard fan (though Patrick Stewart is wonderful). I liked Riker, because he existed to go do all the away mission stuff that often put Kirk in danger. Sure, Picard also put himself in danger all the time, but at least in theory, that’s why they had Riker. Plus, I loved Worf. Who didn’t want to practice their bat’leth fighting skills?

I didn’t go too much beyond those two series. DS9 tapered off fast for me. Voyager never clicked especially. Enterprise almost worked for me, but not as much.

And then JJ came along. With his lens flares and the Chris Pine / Zachary Quinto magic duo (and Zoe Saldana is pretty swell, too), and man Simon Pegg just NAILED the comic bit needed to make this work. To say I feel that the NEW Trek breathed a lot of new excitement back into the old Trek, I will probably annoy “real” fans. But I’m saying it. New Trek really brought some much needed perspective and some new fans to the space.

So I love that the Star Trek Facebook page shared this yesterday. It’s pretty awesome:

Finally, if you have any Star Trek fans as friends or family, I think this Trivial Pursuit edition is JUST the thing to pick up: